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Cooking process

Steam ovens are used to cook our pinas at 95 degrees Celsius. This process spans over 3 days, cooking in 8-hour shifts for a total of 24 hours, followed by a 24-hour cool-down. We do not rush the cooking process to prevent burnt agave or development of methanol.

farming & Location

With the best cultivated agaves from the valleys located at 1400m elevation, the results are authentic, robust flavors, with notes of herbs and citrus. Distinguishing itself from others utilizing a production process with origins since 1904.



We use steel roller mills to separate the fermentable sugars from the fibrous material. The mills continually rinse the agave with water to create the honey water use in fermentation. For the rinsing, deep well water located 200 meters underground. Temperatures are adjusted based on the season, while always maintaining a temperature of 25-40 degrees Celsius.

fermentation & Distillation

From milling, the extracted juices are moved to stainless-steel, open-air tanks for 24 hours where naturally occurring yeast develops. The juices and yeast are then pumped into larger tanks for 3 days to complete the fermentation process. Distillation is done by Pot Still to create our distinctive and balanced tequila. Tequila Aguasol is distilled twice, the first being in stainless steel/copper tanks and the second in full copper tanks, cutting the heads and tails during both to separate the heart of the tequila.


Aged in small batches, Tequila Aguasol uses American Bourbon barrels. The tequila is then rested for 15 days in stainless steel. To create the Reposado, American Bourbon barrels are used to age the tequila for 3 months. This aging process results in notes of barrel wood balanced with soft agave flavors.

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